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mora 7 (a significant experience)

April 23, 2010
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Foam slides down the side.
Sensually, slowly, art.
My cappuccino.

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mora 6 (significance)

March 16, 2010
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creating these characters
to be more myself

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mora 5

March 2, 2010
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Ask Father Google
for Guevera from the Gap.
We heart irony.

mora 4

March 2, 2010
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How can anyone
trust the dubious number?
Twos are question marks.

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mora 3

February 24, 2010
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apathetic, lethargic
memories, future

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mora 2 (artist)

February 23, 2010
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feminist, marxist
art as ideology
where do I go vote?

mora 1

February 18, 2010
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It is difficult
to balance water here, now.
I am satisfied

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February 13, 2010
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How ironic is it when you’re satirizing the hipsters?

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this is fiction

February 12, 2010
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It seems entirely possible that I am currently depressed. Fuck.

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February 8, 2010
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When people ask “what kind of music do you like?” I’m usually at a loss for a moment.

How I answer depends greatly on the person asking the question.

Are you just making small talk; do you not really care? Then I go for “a bitta this, a bitta that, a bitta everything really.”

Are you sincerely interested; do you think I have interesting ideas? Well, then, I’ll give you some band names (and when those ultimately result in a confused stare, I’ll do some genre/sub-genre/sub-sub-genre-influences description) and a bit about why I like this particular music.

My real problem starts when I get the impression that a person is asking me solely to make a judgement.
“Oh, I’ve heard that band on the radio – you’re part of the sheeple.”
“Oh, I haven’t heard of them, you’re pretentious.”
“Oh, yes, I’ve heard of that little-known band, we are now unified in our pretentious assholery.”

See, I like music that sounds good. Sometimes it’s on the radio. Sometimes it’s on the radio somewhere else in the world. Sometimes there’s five tracks on myspace. I don’t know how to write this without sounding like that hipster who goes to shows so he can say “seen ’em live” rather than having an appreciation of live music.

I once read a little one-two by someone who thought that anyone who said “I listen to everything” was either trying to come off as non-commital by avoiding the question, or had limited experience with music.
“When I visit an art exhibit,” has says, as I paraphrase from long-ago memory, “there’s always a few pieces that I liked above the rest.”

Sure, I do too, but often those pieces having nothing in common, save for what’s in common with the rest of the exhibit.

I don’t listen to “everything” in the wise guy sort of sense – cats giving birth? No thank you – but I’d rather have an undescribable taste in music (any art, really) than one so narrowminded as to have a name.

P.S. To people who say “I like everything but Rap and Country,” you clearly have not heard enough Rap and Country. Maybe it’s not your ball of yarn, but I’ll be darned if a few songs aren’t catchy.

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